About the company

Our company was founded in 1992 and since the beginning of its activity it has provided the meat processing plants with the complete supply. We have experienced a lot, we belong to one of the longest acting companies in our field, but work for our customers is still a pleasure for us. For all of these years our company has broadened our offer, attracted new customers.

For all of these years our company has broadened our offer, attracted new customers, expanded and increased employment. For some time we have broadened the cooperation in other segments of food processing (fruit and vegetable industry, processing plants, gastronomy, confectioner’s and bakeries). Currently, apart from the commercial activity, we also deal with the technological consultancy and the implementation of new technologies in the food processing plants. We like what we do and we feel happy every time we can help. We always try to understand your needs and offer solutions which will bring the full satisfaction.

We are always at your disposal.

Our mission

Since the beginning of our activity we have been doing our best to provide the highest quality of our products as well as to take care of our Customers and to aim to the highest standards in the market service.

We always remember that: the Customer is the most important, the highest quality is our primary aim.

We are specialists in the field of seasonings and casings and every day we deliver our Customers the goods which provide their products with the exceptional taste and attractive looks.

Although we are modern and we are still looking for new solutions, there is one aspect which we do not forget about our tradition. This aspect is the taste of the traditional Polish cold meat.

Quality and service

We are doing our best to fulfil the highest quality standards of products purchased in the Flok company.

The goods offered by us have any and all permits and certificates required by the authorities supervising the companies of food branch. All of the products are made in accordance with the requirements of the food safety system HACCP, and most of them according to the system of quality assurance ISO:9001.

The Flok company guarantees the professional service which includes the fast realization of an order, the stability and the delivery punctuality, the technological consultancy and certainly the wide choice of products for all branches of food processing.

Everybody can also order seasonings (seasoning mixtures for cold meats) taking specific liking of your Clients into consideration. These orders are treated as special orders and realised exclusively.

What is important to us

For the whole time the Flok company has existed, its aim was to fulfil the conduct norms including the most crucial ideals of honesty and professionalism. We think that the good name has the basic significance to achieve success.

Here are some significant rules for us:

Employment conditions
Flok respects its workers and creates friendly working conditions for them. We do not intimidate or harass our workers either by word or deed. We also care for safety on all of the working positions.

The workers of Flok are not allowed to receive or give presents, do favours, extend hospitality if it was to oblige recipients to act in return. The presents or parties can be accepted or organised if they are justified as they supplement the professional relationship and do not violate generally accepted norms. Moreover, if they are of a moderate value and do not breach any regulations.

Privacy and a secret
We keep in secret all of information which was confided to us. The secret information includes all and any non-public information which can be used by the competitors or occur detrimental to the Costumers as a result of its disclosure.

Flok treats all of the contractors honestly. We do not use any unfair ways of behaviour to gain benefits. Also, we compete with other companies in accordance with the fair play rules. The workers of Flok are not allowed to make any negative remarks or show the competitors or their products in the negative light. All of the sentences about the competitor always have to be honest and based on facts.

We constantly improve our qualifications to satisfy needs of the changing market fully. We wish to be seen as a professional, reliable and good company.

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