• Almi

    The Almi company is a leading European producer of seasonings and additives used by the meat processing plants. The experience dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, the careful choice of raw materials, the strict and constant quality control and the production with the use of modern appliances in the new plant given for use in 2006 guarantee the constant and high quality of Almi products. The Almi company introduced the system of quality management ISO:9001 and the HACCP system.

  • Homogenous seasonings

    Seasonings make our life tasty. Every day they are used in the kitchen, gastronomy, plants making half-products and food products.

    Today we do not imagine life without seasonings, good seasonings. In the FLOK offer there are a lot of them. Our Customer can order every type of seasoning and they will be delivered to him/her.


  • Naturals casings

    You will find the complete selection of pork and lamb intestines in our offer both imported from China as well as produced in the countries of the European Union.

    The tube lamb and pork intestines are more and more popular among our recipients. They are natural intestines put on the strap or tube (funnel) which greatly simplifies and fastens work and at the same time reduces the cost of production.

  • Casings and foils

    The next important goods group offered by our company are casings and foils.

    ● Polyamide casings
    ● Collagenic casings
    ● Cellulose casings
    ● Protein casings
    ● Fibrous casings


  • Nets for ham

    The nets for ham are characterised by the various compressibility and the eye size depending on the type.

    The types of nets:
    ● micro – the net whose press is bigger by 100% than classic
    ● extra – the net whose press is bigger by 20% than the classic net
    ● super – the net whose press is bigger by 20% than extra
    ● big net – the net of very big squares
    ● classic – the standard net

    If you have not found the product for yourself,
    call us and we will order it for you.

  • Aluminium and wooden moulds

    The aluminium foil moulds are packaging which are used once. They are used to bake and pack confectioner’s and meat products. In this packaging products can be prepared, baked or frozen, transported, stored, heated, given while consuming them.

  • Proteins

    Soy protein as well as animal protein are widely used in the production of meat products. The soy protein is used as an additive to produce practically each type of product such as sausages, ham and smoked meats.

    The FLOK company offers the following types of soy protein:
    ● concentrates NON GMO
    ● isolates NON GMO
    ● texturates NON GMO

  • Pepper and salt mills

    We offer the highest quality of spice mills. German quality, 5 level of grinding, elegant design and a 50-year warranty on grinding mechanism are the features that set them apart from the competition. Grinders available in 4 colors and 3 sizes.

    We invite you to our shop

  • Additives

    Apart from the products you read about on the previous pages, we
    also sell other additives which are used in the food processing.

    We include the following in this group of products:
    ● gelatines of a different degree of hardness, both flavouring and without flavour
    ● potato starch and wheat starch
    ● fibres (soya, wheat, cellulose)
    ● pigments for food products
    ● knives, sharpeners and small butcher's equipment
    ● corning and food salt
    ● cold meat yarn
    ● clips

Our offer includes over 1,000 items. Therefore, we are able to provide the complete supply for the food processing plants with the indispensable seasonings, casings and additives to run the full production.